Friday, March 8, 2013

In the Key of "C"

As the rain poured down around us, we slowly drove down the gravel drive way.  I wondered if we were at the right house since no address was present. I think we both had butterflies in our stomach. As we approached the house we could hear the piano music coming from the door, slightly easing our nerves. We waited on the porch since we were early, not wanting to interrupt. As we stood under the of eve, I asked Emily what song she wanted to sing? "I am not going to sing a song, I don't know her." ... This should be interesting considering this is her first voice lesson. Once inside the friendly teacher asked Emily to sing her favorite song. Unfortunately, instead of singing she burst into tears. While the instructor changed tactics I did my best to console her. By the end of the session she was participating, but my usually not so shy daughter was still unsure of it all.

On the wet drive home, I started realizing we and so many others are afraid of new endeavors. In my own life, there are things I wish had done, but I let fear stop me. I am going to research creative ways to work with myself, and my family in hopes to help us grow in this area. I am going to spend time talking to God, knowing He can give me deeper insight on what makes us more willing to step out & try something new. This is my struggle.

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