Thursday, September 10, 2015


I have found myself being a neutral as I walk through life. Yes I have passion about certain subjects, but I can passionately debate both sides. A time or two I argued the democrat side just as well as the republican. My brother in law said "you can't argue both!"....But some how I did. Seeing both sides can make things much clearer & less of an "I'm right, you're wrong" moment.

As a "Christian", (I emphasize that because I'm not sure I like the lumping affect this causes in one's brain) I grew up being taught the Bible. For the last ten years I have spent time in bible studies expanding my knowledge of God's word.

America has legalized gay marriage... I know what God says about marriage. What my pastor says, what I teach my children. But some how I'm unsure of my feelings of Kim Davis' example of taking a stand at work. Aren't the people she refused to serve still married, still together, what did her actions change?

Righteous living or building the kingdom? Yes I can have both, but is one more important then the other?

 I truly believe in my heart: "Teachers of the Bible need to be teaching what it says about homosexuality." I have a great pastor & bible study leader who do an amazing job of explaining God's word.

Last night I had one of those "Ah-ah" moments when the gears clicked into place. 

This is my struggle..

As a neighbor, friend, co-worker should I bash others over the head with my bible? Isn't it meant for M-E to learn about God on M-Y walk. Didn't Jesus lead by example? Where are the parables about taking a stand.

There are plenty of stories of followers of God living in a secular land with false gods & sexual impurity that lived a non whistle blowing life, which ultimately lead people to God by their example.

I'm trying to let others find Christ by showing them His love. I need to be giving out more bibles to those around me. His word can speak to them & show God's path for their life.I must train up my children in the ways of the Lord. Thank God for grace & mercy as I walk on. Loving God, Loving people.

Friday, May 29, 2015

The "C" Word

You know the one...
That nasty word sets my emotions into over drive. Scrolling through Facebook I am bombarded with the most recent diagnosis, type, or treatment. Quickly, I start checking for lumps, bumps, & analyze my latest symptom.

As a long time smoker I know all to well that I'm putting myself at risk. I kicked the real ones over a year ago, and switched to the vaped form of nicotine. (Praying to quit for real)

But, cancer has no limitations. Now a days it does not discriminate by age, race, or gender. This growing "problem" has no boundaries.

I got the call last week that I have squamous cell cancer on my nose. Not too shocked.

I've been watching my mom battle it on her nose for the last 15 years. So far, she has won.

Loving to read, I have spent hours pouring through Christian fiction novels at my local library. The stories that stuck with me involved the characters using their "problem" as a light to bring others to Jesus. S.H.O.W.I.N.G. their faith, rather then just saying "I trust in the Lord." As the people around them SAW their faith in action, they were also drawn to the Lord.

Since I am almost powerless to the why, what, & who. I am intentionally trying to focus on the positive. How can God use me now? I know He CaN. That is not my question, but WhAt does it look like in my story.

When I am weak He makes me strong...

As I walk through this trial in my life I am praying God uses me & my circumstances to show others His power & love. This my struggle..