Who Is This?

Julia Garvin

Growing up in a single parent home I was frequently left to my own demise. I spent a lot of time indulging in unhealthy habits from high school on. I spent the last part of 11th grade pregnant with my now 14 yr old son. At age 17 & 5 months pregnant, my mom & I decided it would be best if I moved out with my current boyfriend, aka baby daddy. I thankfully finished high school, largely due to the fact my mom was  highly dedicated to helping me with everything from rides, home work, baby sitting, & money. At age 20 I left my boyfriend, and I moved in with my sister. Shortly after I started dating my current husband of 9 yrs. At the time neither of us attended church. I believed in God, but Dave was an atheist. At age 25 I finally turned from  my own ways, headed back to church, & gave my life to Christ. About a year later my husband joined me at church. During a casting crown's song the Spirit moved him & he gave his life to Christ. I went from working a 40 hour  week as a single mom, to a married, stay at home mom. I am currently on     staff part time at our church. The road has been rough, but God has been by my side always.  I am  enjoying being a    V-E-R-B!  Right now I am reading multiply by Francis Chan. Attempting to research whether or not I'm capable of writing a book worth of reading. In the mean time I am a hard-working, home schooling Mom who loves to sleep in. Attempting to live life to the max, while  trusting God as my guide.

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