Thursday, January 24, 2013


Lately, I think God has been trying to get across "It is not about numbers." I think the light went on last night "quality, not quantity". Whether I am checking on my blog, or who signed up for the parenting class, I need to TRUST Him. If I told my husband I trusted him to pick up the groceries, what would showing my faith in him look like? I could make the list, go over the details, & maybe even call him if I forgot something, but after giving instructions it would then be up to him to do his part. Worrying, reminding him to go, or checking up on him while he was there would not make him feel trusted. I know personally how it makes me feel when I am assigned a task, & the individual lacks to show faith in me to complete it.

I get in the way. My human nature enjoys success, and at the first sign of failure I doubt myself. don't see the effect or the result I want or expect, which makes me want to stop, or walk away. When really what I should do is have faith. I need to not  let doubt get in the way of God's plan for me. I need to be cautious what I measure my success by. I may spend my whole life only reaching a few people, but if that is God's plan then so be it!

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