Thursday, September 10, 2015


I have found myself being a neutral as I walk through life. Yes I have passion about certain subjects, but I can passionately debate both sides. A time or two I argued the democrat side just as well as the republican. My brother in law said "you can't argue both!"....But some how I did. Seeing both sides can make things much clearer & less of an "I'm right, you're wrong" moment.

As a "Christian", (I emphasize that because I'm not sure I like the lumping affect this causes in one's brain) I grew up being taught the Bible. For the last ten years I have spent time in bible studies expanding my knowledge of God's word.

America has legalized gay marriage... I know what God says about marriage. What my pastor says, what I teach my children. But some how I'm unsure of my feelings of Kim Davis' example of taking a stand at work. Aren't the people she refused to serve still married, still together, what did her actions change?

Righteous living or building the kingdom? Yes I can have both, but is one more important then the other?

 I truly believe in my heart: "Teachers of the Bible need to be teaching what it says about homosexuality." I have a great pastor & bible study leader who do an amazing job of explaining God's word.

Last night I had one of those "Ah-ah" moments when the gears clicked into place. 

This is my struggle..

As a neighbor, friend, co-worker should I bash others over the head with my bible? Isn't it meant for M-E to learn about God on M-Y walk. Didn't Jesus lead by example? Where are the parables about taking a stand.

There are plenty of stories of followers of God living in a secular land with false gods & sexual impurity that lived a non whistle blowing life, which ultimately lead people to God by their example.

I'm trying to let others find Christ by showing them His love. I need to be giving out more bibles to those around me. His word can speak to them & show God's path for their life.I must train up my children in the ways of the Lord. Thank God for grace & mercy as I walk on. Loving God, Loving people.