Tuesday, January 15, 2013

God' s will in my life

Not everything is God's will, but everything is used for God's will. - Mark Driscoll. As I wrap my mind around this I think back to this past summer. On June 15 2012, there is a fire in our home.  Arson? Faulty wiring? The lithium battery we plugged in before we went to Sea World? This is one of those moments in my life where I don't think I will ever have a definite answer. I spent time mulling over all the facts, and there is just not a clear picture. I like things that make sense! I really need answers. The letter from the fire inspector & police report does not line up. What next? Do I take up a torch, get out there, and start questioning my neighbors. I mean some of my neighbors truly believed that someone had come in & started it.

I went to the CEO of our company, my husband that is. He encouraged me to let go. He could see it was starting to consume me. I could have carried that touch around until someone gave me the answers I so desperately wanted. I gave it to God, and He gave me peace. Not only that, He gave us a place to stay, and all the necessities we needed. He provided so much through the people around us. It was a time that I truly experienced what relying on God means. That changed me.

                           He didn't cause this...

but He did cause this...

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