Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Sorry

I have challenged myself to write everyday... but what I am struggling with is messy. Relationships! Now those of you who know me are going to automatically think back to the last conversation or interaction we had and wonder "Is she talking about me." It would be easier if I could shout from the mountain top who, that way no is left wondering. It is me, I'm talking about myself.

Someone I care deeply about has been hurt by my actions.  My human nature wants me to prove my motives, show that I am right, & explain myself until I am  blue in the face. Is that what truly matters? At the end of the day is being "right" that important to me that I lose out, miss opportunities? Telling someone I am sorry for hurting them can change things, make a difference. Often I get empowered to make a difference. I want to change lives! Heal the sick, feed the home less, house the orphans. Yet I fail to see that two words can improve someone' s life. I hesitate to say them. I need to say I'm sorry. This is my struggle!

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