Wednesday, January 16, 2013


"Sensitivity" cringe, at least I did any time someone would use this word to reference me. "Oh, don't be so sensitive!" or " You are too sensitive!" I started believing it after a while. "They are right, how could I be so sensitive. Man, I need to sit down, and find ways to work on this." In my mind I let sensitive = personality flaw.

One day the light bulb went on. More then likely in church. "God made me this way." Not only that, but he made me this way for a reason. Being sensitive is a great attribute! I can sense things in other people that someone who is isn't "so" sensitive can't. It is my emotion metal detector. It is a great tool. I am less likely to offend, and more likely to encourage. I am striving to embrace my special gift, and use it the way God intended me too. The next time someone calls me sensitive I am going to try to reply "Yes I am, but God me this way for a reason."

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