Monday, January 28, 2013


Do I have a purpose? Hmm.. I would like to think so. I provide for my family. I teach & train my children. I provide warm meals & a cozy house for my husband. I have a shoulder to cry on for my friends. Isn't this why I was created? To provide? Today after reading a few chapters in multiply (by Francis Chan) I started to do a life check. Hard working mom, check. Loving wife, check.Serving others, check. Serve at church, check. Read my bible & pray, check.

Francis Chan uses the Bible to challenge me to look deeper. To re-evaluate my life. To make sure I am doing all I was created to do. To do every thing motivated by love. To truly answer Jesus' call. To not just be a consumer Christian. To not stand on the side lines while my Pastor does all the work. To get out there, & get my hands dirty. No looking back, without doubt, without worry. Jesus called me to tell others His story. This is my Struggle!

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