Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The question today was if you could spend some time talking with Jesus what would you want to talk about? My answer is heaven. I feel there are a few things in the Bible my finite mind can not comprehend. The one I find myself contemplating the most is heaven. I enjoy being a mom & wife immensely. I love cooking new things! How is that going to change in eternity?

We can discuss how we think it is going to be, but it comes down to speculation & interpretation. There is not a section just on how heaven will be in the Bible. As a person who prefers clear answers  this is tough. I know , I know, trust in the Lord ( working on it). I get the whole "you don't need all the answers", but that doesn't make it any easier. 

What does help ease my mind, is thinking that if this is the bad version of heaven, then it will be a most awesome place. Yes here on earth there is crime, disease, death, etc, but what about all the great things. Just turn on discovery channel or animal planet. If this is just our temporary home imagine the magnitude of our permanent home. Feeling better now, good pep talk.

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