Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stepping off The Cliff

As I sit on my couch, watching Surviving the Cut with my husband. I am in awe of these men & women who are trying to graduate "Sapper" school. Their task at hand is a "front face repel"... yes face first down a 30 foot drop, one handed. After that little bump in the road they trudge on to a 200 foot cliff to attempt the "buddy repel" This is where a man is strapped to their back, and  they have to repel back first. Can you say intense! With their drill sergeants yelling orders... of course meant to encourage & direct them. They freeze up in fear. "If" they overcome & succeed, not only will they reach their goal, but their sense of purpose & accomplishment will be immense.

I find it fitting that my first post would be military related. I am also on a journey preparing for battle. As of now mine doesn't involve rock climbing gear & Sniper Rifles, but it does involve doing things that scare me. Frightfully, I peer over the edge that I am attempting to conquer. Right then my fear of failure creeps in, & I want to give up. Only my scenery looks more like a church lobby with people I don't know, not the rough, jagged wall of a moutain. Sometimes it is a text message asking me to lead bible study. This week it was starting a women's volleyball team. Now it is my computer as I attempt to write my first blog. Momentarily,  I hear "will anyone show up? will I remember how to play? Will they like me? Is this really what I should be doing"... just beckoning me to give up. Thankfully my drill Sergeant is loud as He commands me. He wants me to step off the cliff, take a chance, trust His ropes, and do something that doesn't quite feel comfortable. He doesn't rudely shout, but lovingly hollers. I know the rewards that can come with each step I take, but I still hold on tight, not relinquishing the control I so desperately want, & pretend I have. Tonight I step off the cliff.


  1. Love this, Julia, and love how you are relying on Him to step out in faith.

  2. Exhale... Thank you!It really is scary to put myself out there like this. I feel very vulnerable.

  3. You've stepped off well; keep stepping, my dear! As the Christian pop song says about faith, it's "stepping out on nothing and finding something there". Well, we know it's actually stepping out on JESUS Who is always there! God's strength to you as you continue. :0)