Sunday, January 20, 2013


I have a peek into what our Creator deals with on a regular basis. Watching someone you care about go blindly down a road with a dead end or destruction lurking just up ahead. Frustrating as it is not being able to show them what lies in wait. On the human side I think back to my days of trudging  forward only to "not" find what I was certain was there.

Having my son at 17yrs old. Having people warn me of the hardship ahead. Embracing it whether it was right or wrong, but knowing occasionally it just is what it is. So thankful all things work together for my good. Sometimes there are no words that can change my course. My mind is set, and I go forward. I'm struggling with just patiently enduring as people go in a different direction . I'm doing my best to wait lovingly on the sides lines like God does for me when I am lost, and I don't know it. Rule number 2 in our family is you can't control other people. My prayer is that God will direct my path so I will not get lost, and thankful when I do He will be there for me always.

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  1. Thank you for your post. I am glad you see what God intended for us. Part of the reason Jesus died for us was so we had a choice in life and as it appears you know that some people have to make a wrong choice now in order o make the right choice later. It is nice to see that you will be there ready for them when they fall and need you. May God Bless you