Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Face Painting Dilemma

 As my husband walked through the door today my super-excited daughter said, "Daddy look at my face! Guess how much it cost? Eighteen dollars!" I was in the kitchen quietly trying to figure out a way to hide in the refrigerator. Why is it usually the first thing out of my child's mouth when I do something my husband is more then likely going to frown on?!?    

Now my husband is quite frugal, you can imagine how thrilled he was about this purchase. I had seen a $10 sign by the stand when I had first said yes to my little one. Ice cream or face painting had been my mental decision maker. When she sat down in the chair the sweet artist handed me the price sheet. $18, Ouch! I had already told her yes, and felt I couldn't turn back now. I caved knowing my hubby would not think it was worth the money.

At dinner he made a few comments. The old me would have instantly defended my purchase, and argued right then in front of the children about it. Surprisingly I kept quiet (God gets the credit here). We finally agreed it was a great face painting, but not $18 great. I admitted I made a mistake, and we moved on to the monitor lizard Clyde we enjoyed petting.

 My prayer today is to be more intentional. That way I will make less unwise choices. Before we go some where, especially if Dad isn't attending, I need to set guide lines down for the children. Including, how much money we have to spend, if we will buy anything, where we will go/not go, & any other boundaries we will have while there. This is my struggle!

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