Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Lost

Last night I hung out with a group of friends I have known for about 13+ years. If asked about Jesus rising from the dead, I think they would conclude it as a far fetched fairy tell. Unfortunately when the words church, God, or after life come out of my mouth I can practically see the wall go up. Even though it feels as if I am wondering through a dead end maze, I still try to find cracks in their walls.

This week at bible study we were reviewing the book of Acts, Ch. 7 to be exact. We learned how Stephen is preaching the truth, but rather then understanding his words they start throwing rocks in attempt to kill him. As this horrific event unfolds the unthinkable happens. Instead of damning his attackers, Stephen cries out to God in their defense, " Lord do not hold this sin against them."

My first take as a bystander is those people should get what they deserve. I want to grab a rock, & throw it at them. Thankfully, with my new eyes I see how disheartening it must have been not having the human words to save their lost souls. Last night my persecution wasn't rocks. Instead, it was music mocking Christianity, & jokes about heaven & hell. Before when I thought of persecution I pictured only pain & misery. Now the scene I see is one of sadness filled with utter frustration. As a mere mortal pursuing the lost I ultimately know God has a master plan, but this is still my struggle.

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