Tuesday, February 19, 2013


M & M's, chips, cinnamon rolls, & gummy bears are calling my name! I struggle with addiction. In the past it was cigarettes, but lately it has been food. As I walk past the fridge, I question if there might be something sweet hidden in the back. I mean I have only checked 2x's, so maybe this go around I will find something to satisfy my craving. I find it easy to eat less when I'm out in public, but on my own I fall short. I'm fully aware of the health issues that can arise if I leave my addictions unchecked. This does not make it any easier for me.

Little by little I am starting to get the big picture. Christian life is so much more then doing the do's, & not doing the don'ts. Changing my environment without dealing with the source of the problem is only a temporary fix. I need to dig deeper to the heart issues. I need to spend time reflecting with the "why" I eat when I am not hungry. I need to get on my knees the minute the desire to drive to the store for a pack of smokes pops up. I know flat out that these actions are not only bad for my physical health, but my spiritual health also. I find myself praying to God more, because I have learned I can not do it on my own. Please pray for me as I struggle through my addictions.

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