Saturday, February 2, 2013

Social Anxiety

Is social anxiety hereditary? Does it stem from a lack of self esteem, a broken home, or a chemical imbalance?

At one time I was quite the social butterfly. I had no problem talking to new people. I think it was the social lubricant (aka alcohol). Well, after becoming a Christian the majority of the functions I attend are not centered around alcohol. I find myself having to work harder at making conversation. Making new friends hasn't been easier either. I must confess that sometimes I  find myself using the side door at church to  avoid the awkwardness. Over the past few weeks I have challenged myself to do life out of my comfort zone. At church  I have been changing the place I sit each week. Making a point to talk to new people. Even writing this blog is not something the old me would do . With each step I take the old Mt. of anxiety has become smaller. Relying on God is key. This is my struggle.

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